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UI/UX & Web development


We have developed a website with a distinctive and luxurious design that caters to all screen resolutions. Our team has meticulously processed all the images to ensure their optimal presentation, and the design incorporates custom-made icons tailored specifically for the website. The project stands out due to its creative design, featuring numerous exceptional elements that captivate visitors. Each page boasts unique hand-drawn blocks, adding to the site's visual appeal. Additionally, we have implemented animated content loading to enhance the user experience.



Our client had a vision of creating a user-friendly service that enables individuals to easily search and access information about available properties in the Israeli real estate market. With a particular emphasis on the user interface, we aimed to provide a seamless and convenient search process. Integrating maps into the platform was a crucial aspect of the project, ensuring a visually engaging experience for users. Onmap's primary objectives were to simplify the real estate search process and achieve a rapid monetization strategy.

UI/UX & Web development

T-lab professional

T-LAB Professional, a renowned eco-friendly cosmetics brand with 25 years of professional expertise, prides itself on offering products with 99% natural formulas. To enhance their online presence, we developed a platform using the CMS Wordpress. As part of the development process, we integrated the reliable European delivery service, Sendparsel, ensuring seamless shipping for customers. Additionally, we integrated the secure payment service, Stripe, via API, providing a safe and convenient transaction experience. The platform is currently in the maintenance phase and continues to evolve to meet the brand's evolving needs.

UI/UX & Web development

Business platform for cybersport

We have designed and developed a comprehensive business platform tailored specifically for esports and video gaming. This platform serves as a hub for gaming enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses alike, offering a wide range of features and functionalities. From tournament organization and management to player scouting and team building, our platform provides all the necessary tools for successful esports operations. It also includes features for content creation, streaming, and community engagement, fostering a vibrant and interactive gaming ecosystem. With our platform, businesses can capitalize on the growing esports industry and leverage its potential for revenue generation and brand building.